Sunday, January 4, 2009

Was that a proposal??!

Last night me and NGB went out for Vietnamese with friends. Well, it was my ex-boyfriend from high school and his wife and their 4 month old daughter. Which is an example of how my weird life works. But we had a great time were chatting away, eating yummy food and talking about marriage, kids and all that stuff. Somehow we got onto the topic of me and NGB getting married at some possible future date. He turned to me and said that we would be married or knee deep into planning a wedding (with a date and all) by the end of the calendar year. I asked by the end of 2010? He said no, by the end of 2009... 

There has been a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. Many of them caused by us not communicating seriously about the big stuff. I would say things in my girl-way he would listen in his boy-way. Which means, I would hint at something, mention it offhand and hope he would understand how important it was to me. He would hear it, but not understand how important it was, since I didn't say it in a direct way. 

We have been together closing in on 5 years. The first few months we SPED through the serious milestones. Met in March, officially dating in May, living together by October (for all intents and purposes), officially living together byJanuary, bought our house that April. And then... nothing more. I thought I'd give him a year. Then two... then three? And nothing. I tried to get the ball rolling by suggesting a wedding date. That was met with some resistance (aka fear). I know NGB loves me, but I also know he's kind scared of the whole marriage and babies thing. And I want marriage and babies. Last summer it all fell apart. But we have put it back together and it's stronger than ever. But it made me so completely happy to hear NGB mention marriage. Without me prompting him.  Was that a proposal? He said no, it wasn't. But it was a big step in that direction. 

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