Friday, November 7, 2008

A little geekiness

I had another blog, with some fun stories and ideas. But it became too much a personal diary and a lot less about a blog. And after a dramatic summer, I wanted to leave those stories behind me. But OF COURSE the second I decide it's time for that blog to end, I get my very first (and only) comment!! A REAL LIVE PERSON read the blog and COMMENTED! And I left poor Abigail behind at the old blog... So Abigail, for taking the time to type "well said" I dedicate this first entry to you! And when I can't think of anything to write, I may just borrow something already written. 

Well, life in the world of this neo-geek has been pretty busy... Busy playing the one video game I play (WoW) and busy purchsing a new laptop so that I can game on my desktop and surf the net on my laptop. And also maybe WoW in bed or in front of the TV :) And busy doing house renos for the Christmas party me and the neo-geek-boy are planning in December. There is so much around the house I should be doing... instead I am blogging and WoWing. hehe

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The start of something...

Something good? Something cathartic? Something really really boring for people to read? Maybe... But this is the start of something. 

I am a 30-plus neo-geek. The evoled of geek. From glasses held together with tape and pocket protectors to matching clothes and combed hair. A few posts on my favorite wine, thoughts on world politics, favorite fashion find. The next few on how impossible it is to find a reasonably priced gaming laptop, a play-by-play of how raiding is going. 

We'll see how this all works out