Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To comment or not to comment...

I am an avid blog reader. There are around 10 I must read daily. Although some of those are going to slip off the "must read" list as they never blog anymore... Anyway. As much as I love to read, I am equally as reluctant to leave a comment. 

To back track, I love to people watch. To listen to other people's conversations, watch their interactions with the people around them, even just their mannerisms...  And blogs are a great way to sit back and people watch while I sit at a computer. But commenting on a blog, to me, is like walking up to the person you just spent the last 30 minutes covertly listening to (and hearing about her waxing woes, her crazy ex-boyfriend, her crazier current boyfriend) and saying "hi! I love your stories!". 

But on the flip side, I hope one day someone reads this blog and leaves a comment.

Why would I care if anyone comments? Why am I doing this... Is it for the possibility of internet fame? A chance to fulfill some inner desire to be a flasher? But instead of my naked self, I flash my life to the world? Is it for my personal edification... a chance to see in a few years where I have been. 

I am not doing very well on the whole resolution list. Water? What water!? Vitamins? Pshaw! Wii fit? Riiiiight... but I am blogging. And maybe I'll try to leave a comment a day (or week) on someone's blog, somewhere. In case they, too, are trying to figure out why they do this thing they do. 

EDIT: I put my faves on the site. There are 2 more, but they are rare-posters. So many are mommy-blogs. And I am not a mommy... 

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