Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am starting to feel pregnant

I am starting to feel pregnant. My body is changing in some dramatic ways (no clothes fit!) and my hormones are "wonderfully" vibrant. I can go from annoyed to happy to weepy to mushy to exhausted in about 3 seconds flat. "They" say I am currently making extra hormones for the baby and this will start to subside around now so maybe I'll be less of a freak. I hope. It's amazing when your moods can even annoy yourself...

And I have lost my memory. I used to be ok (not great) at keeping life in order. I would remember where I parked the car, what I walked into a room to do, what needed to be done that day. Now, it's just disappeared. Thankfully Neil is there to remind me and he has been wonderful about that. The only thing I can seem to remember is how tired I am and how much I always want just a little nap. I really think there needs to be a nap room at the office. Just to close my eyes for 15 minutes would make me so much more productive!

We have a new fruit! We are now carrying a raspberry around

Although looking at that picture makes me crave raspberries (I am completely in love with fruit). Is that cannibalistic? *grin*

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 166 of 365

  1. A successful day of presentations
  2. Lunch paid for by someone else
  3. Mom and dad are home from their vacation
  4. Starting to feel sad about leaving some of the people here in the office
  5. No sadness, though, to be leaving this job

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 165 of 365

  1. Midsummer festival in WoW starts
  2. Finding the energy to do laundry!
  3. Walter actually coming upstairs as he is now apparently scared of our bedroom
  4. NGB going to Timmy's for breakfast foods
  5. NGB's MOST tactful reminder that my large and getting heavier breasts will be around my knees if I don't wear some kind of support

Day 164 of 365

  1. A wonderful dinner with NGB
  2. The laziest day known to man, and loving it
  3. Sore breasts - any symptoms of pregnancy is good! This has been alomst too easy...
  4. Remembering what not to take for granted
  5. The huff of breath from a puppy when they decide to fall asleep

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 162 of 365

  1. Walter's happy dance
  2. Garlicky mashed potatoes (I can taste garlic again!)
  3. The love and support of a a patient man
  4. More closure at my old job
  5. A warm bubble bath

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 161 of 365

  1. A lazy day at home
  2. The ability to nap the instant I feel exhausted
  3. I have found my true food love - FRUIT
  4. Watching Sherman sleep curled up in my housecoat
  5. We have the layout of the nursery planned - now we just need the second trimester and the furniture

Day 160 of 365

  1. A wonderful pasta lunch with girls from work
  2. A wonderful pasta dinner with some girlfriends - and more girls know about the neo geek babe!
  3. My first used pregnancy clothes
  4. More projects winding up at work
  5. NGB, for the first time, touched my belly and kissed it