Monday, January 12, 2009

Is there a doctor in the house?

I have been sick for weeks. It started as a head cold (sinuses) to the point I had to shove kleenex up my nose to staunch the flow. Then it went to the back of my throat which felt sore and scratchy. Then my ears became itchy and it was hard to hear properly. THEN it fell into my chest where it sits now. Making my cough until it sounds like I am horking up a lung. All through this I have refused to go to the doctor. Until today, I caved in to the pressure from everyone around me. I made an appointment (for this afternoon) and will go. 

I have no clue why I am so reluctant to make an appointment. I like my doctor, he's an awesome man. I have been seeing him since I stopped seeing a pediatrician. But I am scared that he's going to judge me to be a hypochondriac, that I am not REALLY sick but just pretending. Maybe it comes from those nights in grade school where I would hope and almost convince myself I was seriously ill to avoid a test or assignment or presentation the next day in school. Maybe because I have never really BEEN seriously ill before. 

Or maybe it's because I don't want to take antibiotics or something like that unless I have to. I prefer to let my body heal itself, partly because I never remember to take my pills when I am supposed to. Realistically, what will the doctor say? You have a cold. It's in your lungs. Do you want antibiotics? No? Then... get well soon! 

It was great during grad school because the other student with me was a doctor, trained in Columbia and a friend. When I asked her my stupid questions and she eased my (possibly hypochondriacal) concerns. She's off in New York, working as a psychiatrist there, far away from my whining. Now I have to bundle up, drive over to the clinic, pay for parking and have him tell me that I am fine. I have a cold. And I'll be better soon. 

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