Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve!

Happy end of 2008/start of 2009! What exciting plans does everyone have for the night? 

Here is where I confess one of my weirds (my first weird!). I don't like New Years Eve. It's overblown, expensive and rarely fun. People have expectations for an amazing party night that is rarely met.  I like small house parties, but with the stupid (possibly drunken) drivers on the road I don't like driving around. So me and NGB will have my parents over for dinner. Which is a nice excuse to make the ribs I have been craving for a few days. After dinner a wee bit of Wii,  then we'll kick out the parents and have a quiet rest of the night at home. Snuggle, watch the apple fall, play WoW. I think our plans make me old and boring. Yet I am strangely comfortable with that. 

On a totally unrelated note, I found a lipstick I have fallen in deep, deep like with. Cover Girl Outlast lipstain (number 420). It looks like I am not wearing lipstick at all! That they are just naturally this gorgeous, just-passionately-kissed colour. Which is fabulous, since I am one of those lucky women whose natural lip colour is a fleshy and faintly blue colour... about 2 shades lighter than my skin. Hot, I know... My only complaint is that it doesn't stain as much as I thought it would and it does kind of come off, over time. But for perfectly "natural" lips, I'll happily reapply! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PAX here we come!

So, it's been established that me and NGB play WoW (World of Warcraft). We are in a mildly progressive raiding guild and having fun with it all. We've seen content we never thought we would, we're wearing gear we never thought we would, we've made friends in game. What? Friends in game??! Yes, friends in the game. 

And in the beginning of September me, NGB and a group of folks we have NEVER met before (and only know the real names of a few of them) are all going to Seattle together for PAX. There will be me (aka Aithe) and NGB (aka Cune or Cuneiform). Karth (Jason), Valuu (Chris), Trin (Evan. I think). Maybe Derp, Algaroth and more. All coming together to hang out with other geeks and gamers. I feel like I am not QUITE enough of a gaming-geek to go, since I am brand new to PC gaming and only play the one game... but I am going to a geek convention to geek out. And party. And drink. With a group of guys. Only guys... no other girls  o.O

But if these stranger guys are too weird/annoying/immature I will have NGB to hang around with, seeing the Seattle sites. There is more than a space needle there, right? And if they are cool, well then I just made a whole group of new RL friends (not just in game). 

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Well, the time is here to make resolutions. I have made some simple ones... lifestyle changes I want to see.
  1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  2. Floss regularly. 
  3. Blog regularly. 
  4. The requisite - lose weight. 
  5. Bring my lunch everyday/eat out less.
  6. Exercise/use my Wii Fit
All easy-ish. All actions. And in my geeky way, I have made a monthy table, with each resolution in a column. And I can put a check mark when I compelte it! Yes, I debated getting gold stars, but they would be too big and I want my elegant little table to fit on one page. And I am only just a little bit joking. 

Then there are the bigger things I want to see happen... what do I want 2009 to bring into my life? On January 10th my friend Viv and I are going to make a collage that will capture what I want 2009 to bring (yes, she got this from the cult-of-oprah book "The Secret" *shudder*). She has done one already and had pictures of a couple, travelling, exercise and yoga, meditation and spiritual development. And I will have... I dunno. There are things I want to see happen/get rolling but I think I am scared to put it writing/pictures. I think it comes from my irrational belief that it'll jinx it. The exact OPPOSITE of what The Secret suggests will happen. And, yes, this comes from totally subjective experience. But here goes!

I want me and NGB to get married/plan to get married in a concrete way (a date etc). I want to be physically healthy (thinner, better habits). I want to start the process of starting a family (or at least have an idea when we'll start trying). I want my very own little geek to raise! I want to travel. More than to PAX with some in-game friends. Which is a whooooooole other post! I want to find the balance and harmony between who I want to be/imagine myself to be and who I am. I want to celebrate my friendships more. Have people over for a poker/rockband night. Have dinner parties. Have a wine-tasting night with good friends... 

Hmm... there are some ideas. In writing. Ready to be jinxed. Or come true... eek!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I have written 100 posts in my head

But not once have I put these thougths into writing. I think it's partly due to the fact I am funnier in my head (to me) *grin* . 

Life has been quiet and busy as Christmas comes closer. I am no where NEAR ready for Christmas and I am normally the girl that is done before December 1. I think I have most stuff bought, just need to wrap and assess the stocking stuffers for the parents, see if there is more needed. I have also been gaming like a mad-woman, trying to get rep and gear up to snuff for raiding. Getting there... 

But I have figured out the most effective form of torture for my adorable dogs (not "real" torture of missing body parts or flayed skin, but emotional torture - like juniour high). Doggy clothes. Sweaters, to be exact. I bought the boys sweaters as part of their, er...  my... Christmas gifts and put them on last night. You thought I had torn out their little puppy hearts. At fist Sherman stood in one place, ears tucked back and shaking. Then when we left the room and there was no one to be pathetic for he walked, agonizingly slowly, into the room we were in. And there he continued to shake. Eventually he realized it wasn't coming off and then pouted to the point he layed down facing away from me and would not look in my direction. Well, except for those few times he'd glance in my direction to make sure I knew he was totally ignoring me. My dogs are half human, I swear. Walter was a little more accepting of it all. It only took him about 15 minutes to be close to normal but he was still subdued. 

My dogs! You haven't met my dogs yet. We have 2 boys, Sherman and Walter. Both Boston Terriers, both boys, both adorable in a spazzy/hyper way. We have had both since they were pups and they ARE spoiled. They have their own bedroom, with their own kennels and antique furniture to eat (sorry NGB's grandma for the damage to your secretary desk...). They get only the best kibble and treats. They go to a holistic vet (something I wish I could afford for myself. Not the vet, the holistic doctor. I Am human, you know).

Friday, December 12, 2008

Strangest high ever!

I have decided to quit the most nasty and vile of habits. Again. Smoking. 

I stopped on Tuesday and seem to be doing well with it all. I don't even WANT one. I thought about caving and buying a pack, because that is what people do when they quit. But I didn't want to smoke. 

However, yesterday in a meeting I went into some strange dissociative state. I felt... detached from my body. Nothing was real, I was a dizzy, I was confused by simple things and unable to make a choice. I made it through the end of the work day and then drove home. Driving home there was only one thing that felt real. Music. So the radio was blaring, I was thumping along to the music (no where close to the beat). I made it home safely. I crawled into bed in my nictonine-less stupor and slept it off. But it was the strangest high. 

Well, it was the quitting smoking OR the green tea a friend gave me. I am going to assume the tea is clean... 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It was a success!

Despite the fact I haven't posted in a month, I HAVE been writing the blogs. 

Just. Not. Posting. Them.  ?

No clue why. 

The last few weeks have been spent planning the Neo-Geek Christmas Party 2008 (on December 6th). There were many renos to be finished, much planning of menus and guests, much cooking... But in the end it was a success! Loads of food, loads of drink, loads of people. And loads of fun. Although I never did get the chance to actually TALK to anyone (too busy cooking, hosting, drinking). And by the end of the night I was a wee bit loaded (constant sips of wine + not eating your own cooking = drunken hugs to everyone!)

Then Sunday I did nothing... no house work, no planning, no cooking, no renos. Just nothing! Well, maybe some gaming. 

Monday was the day I aged another year... 

Since then I have been getting used to being in my mid-30's. Or as my boss "helpfully" suggested, my very-late early 30's. Despite being a home owner, having a career, living in sin with the boy (according to my mom) I still feel like a kid in so many ways. Gaming, perfunctory house cleaning, no marriage, no kids. So... irresponsible. Maybe, just maybe, I'll grow up this year? Figure out what my goals are. What it is I want in life, love, career, family, travel. Maybe I'll stop the dissonance between who I think I am/want to be (in my head) and who I am currently being (through my actions). But maybe not... I hear being an adult is a lot of work *grin*

EDIT: I just went for lunch with a dear friend that is truly an adult. Working full time, married, finishing a PhD, has a son not even a year old. And, as they say, grass is greener... He is thinking how great it would be to have my 16-year old boy lifestyle and I am wishing I could be a grown-up just like him. I still think he wins. He gets to smell baby-smells. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

A little geekiness

I had another blog, with some fun stories and ideas. But it became too much a personal diary and a lot less about a blog. And after a dramatic summer, I wanted to leave those stories behind me. But OF COURSE the second I decide it's time for that blog to end, I get my very first (and only) comment!! A REAL LIVE PERSON read the blog and COMMENTED! And I left poor Abigail behind at the old blog... So Abigail, for taking the time to type "well said" I dedicate this first entry to you! And when I can't think of anything to write, I may just borrow something already written. 

Well, life in the world of this neo-geek has been pretty busy... Busy playing the one video game I play (WoW) and busy purchsing a new laptop so that I can game on my desktop and surf the net on my laptop. And also maybe WoW in bed or in front of the TV :) And busy doing house renos for the Christmas party me and the neo-geek-boy are planning in December. There is so much around the house I should be doing... instead I am blogging and WoWing. hehe

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The start of something...

Something good? Something cathartic? Something really really boring for people to read? Maybe... But this is the start of something. 

I am a 30-plus neo-geek. The evoled of geek. From glasses held together with tape and pocket protectors to matching clothes and combed hair. A few posts on my favorite wine, thoughts on world politics, favorite fashion find. The next few on how impossible it is to find a reasonably priced gaming laptop, a play-by-play of how raiding is going. 

We'll see how this all works out