Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 53 of 365

  1. Doing the crossword in the newspaper over a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning
  2. Eating breakfast again 
  3. A wonderful evening with some amazing girlfriends
  4. Marble slab birthday cake ice cream cake with oreo crumbs and cookie dough
  5. NGB holding me close to warm me when I come to bed cold

Day 52 of 365

  1. My new Intak water bottle
  2. Costco hotdogs. Almost as good as IKEA hotdogs! 
  3. Packaged pomegranite seeds. All the flavour, none of the effort
  4. Battlestar Galactica. Amazing and modern sci-fi
  5. Indian buffet with an old friend I haven't seen in years

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 51 of 365

  1. Hiring somone to make a good blog design for me!
  2. Me and NGB having a serious conversation about our unhealthy eating habits
  3. Starting tomorrow, eating healthier
  4. Having beer for dinner tonight
  5. And feeling no regret. Only a slight buzz

Day 50 of 365

  1. Finishing a project at work
  2. Booking our hotel to PAX!! It's all ready to go
  3. Putting cream on NGB's cracked, old-man feet to make them happy again
  4. The sun starting to feel like a spring sun (despite the fact it's still cold)
  5. Longer days... Sun after 4pm is AMAZING

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 49 of 365

  1. My Health & Learning account that will pay for the gym membership I never use
  2. Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranite drink singles - yum!
  3. That the work day is almost over... 
  4. The fabulous aching burn of exercised muscles
  5. McDonalds Chicken McNuggets with BBQ and Tangy Mustard sauce

My love seems shallow in comparison

I love lists. I love making lists, crossing things off lists, adding things to lists so that I can cross them off... I LOVE lists.  But my love is shallow compared to this website.

Check out the sample lists. A list of questions to ask at family dinner, and a place to record the answers. A list to make shopping at Target easier. Lists of family meals, with preferences... There is a list for EVERYTHING here.

I think I need to go make a list of reasons I adore lists, just to prove to myself that my love is real... 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 48 of 365

  1. Exercising again! First time in months... MONTHS!!
  2. NGB not laughing as I did my exercise video, even though my jiggling and huffing and puffing would be hilarious to watch
  3. Nachos for dinner... sometimes you just have to
  4. Another achievement for the achievement crew! Emerald Void :)
  5. A beer to end the day. I was healthy once today... that is a start!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 47 of 365

  1. Brit's Fish and Chips for lunch
  2. Deep freind Mars bars... Possibly the most perfect dessert
  3. Being able to make your cousin (who is in the hospital) laugh
  4. NGB coming up to give me a huge and random hug, just because he loves me
  5. Listening to puppy snores

Day 46 of 365

  1. World of Darkness with a few glasses of wine and wonderful friends!
  2. That NGB took to pen&paper gaming the way I did to computer gaming
  3. That coke easily wipes off the interior of your car, when the can explodes in said car
  4. A perfectly warm bubble bath
  5. Sleeping in until your body just can't sleep anymore

Day 45 of 365

  1. Tickets to PAX? Bought! 
  2. Flight to Seattle for PAX? Bought! 
  3. Scared about going there with people I have never met but still looking forward to it? Bough... er... yes :) 
  4. Coming home from work after a long day to find NGB has made dinner, and has eveything set on the table waiting for me 
  5. NGB reaching out in his sleep, to brush his fingers against my forehead and smile

Thursday, February 19, 2009


When was the last time I typed anything other than the (almost) daily list? While it is a great reminder (to me) of the little things that I have been doing, it is not an entertaining read if you aren't me.

But one thing that does make me smile, that others can understand, is my love of words. I have been reading since I can remember and my parents still tell stories about me devouring 4-5 books a week. And I am one of THOSE people that must own the books I read, in case I ever want to read the book again. While I am not sure I have the skill to put words together in the most perfect form, I do appreciate the beauty of words. I love the sound of a great word when it rolls off your tongue. And I found a GREAT site with words. Just words... sometimes a definition. But mostly just a word. And often a really cool word! A new favorite is "kakistocracy". Say it aloud... feel it roll off the tongue. So much FUN! I must figure out how to slip this into a conversation. I work for government... shouldn't be hard. 

I saw an ex today. Although it's funny that he's an ex now, considering we never officially dated, we were just in each other's lives for many years. And many times we almost entered an official relationship, but if we did we knew it would be a serious one. And neither of us were brave enough to take that step (at the same time). He is now married and about to have his second child, so we can't see each other often. He was near my work and we slipped away for a coffee. I looked at him, into his bright blue eyes and there was a certainty... He was my almost could-be-forever-guy but I know that my NGB is my definitely-is-forever-guy. NGB is the man that knows me best and loves me despite his knowledge. That rocks. 

There is no segue for this, but walking from a meeting today I saw a man standing on the street corner with a sign. I assumed (I hate when I do that). I assumed it would be asking for money. Instead it said "Spare a smile?". I looked in his eyes and there was such sadness there. And I smiled a genuine smile for him, one that started deep inside. He looked at my with gratefulness and said thank you. Maybe that was one of his GiSTs... 

Day 44 of 365

  1. NGB's garlic scalloped potatoes. AMG YUM!
  2. A quiet night of puttering around at home
  3. That my puppies are finally old enough to be fun to hang around, and not just hyper little balls of furry energy
  4. Pascual Toso Malbec (2004), an amazing wine that makes my taste buds smile
  5. Waking up in the middle of the night, curled up right next to NGB

Day 43 of 365

Missed another day... It is not that I am not grateful. I am! Life is good, life is happy... but it's just so mellow right now. Hard to think of something interesting to say. 
  1. That the horrible raid eventually ended
  2. An afternoon chocolate bar
  3. That the lotto is 48 million... there are so many daydreams to be had about how to spend the money!
  4. When my mom gives NGB a hug. It makes me happy to see it
  5. Every time NGB says "Someone should invent...". I love his ideas! Even the weird ones. ESPECIALLY the weird ones

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 42 of 365

  1. Caught up again!
  2. So  busy at work - the morning disappeared
  3. I managed to fix the DKP I messed up
  4. NGB has a job interview! 
  5. There is no real Monday this week - short weeks rock

Day 41 of 365

  1. Not taking my pjs off ALL DAY
  2. Getting a few projects around the house done (caulking, installing a light)
  3. Achievement team gets a few more done!
  4. Getting to know the names of the folks I game with. Nice to meet you Stephen, Roger, Tony and Keith! 
  5. Laughing to the point of tears before falling asleep next to NGB. I love ending my day with laughter

Day 40 of 365

Thinking about Sunday... what was my day like then?
  1. Finally vacuuming and mopping the floors! I have been so lazy for so long
  2. That NGB is starting to learn his moods, that he knows when he's being grumpy due to guilt, stress or hunger
  3. Another accomplishment in game, another boss down. One to go!
  4. Dim Sum
  5. Sleepy, snuggly puppies

Day 39 of 365

So many days behind...
  1. A fabulous brunch with me, NGB and my parents - I love the fact we're all friends
  2. Free bang touch-up cuts at my salon
  3. Karma, a perfume from Lush
  4. Going to a nice wine store and looking around at what they have to offer (and learning more about wines too)
  5. Malbec

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 38 of 365

  1. TGIF!!!!!
  2. It's a long weekend
  3. That my dog's daycare has streaming video so I can watch my boys be freaks
  4. I finished the first draft of one of my projects
  5. Watching some reality on the work trip to remind me why I don't watch much TV

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 37 of 365

  1. I am almost caught up in my GiSTing
  2. My new coral nail polish - very spring, despite the fact it's very winter outside
  3. The perfect stretch, that makes every muscle tingle in happiness
  4. A work day that just flies by
  5. Planning a girls weekend in the mountains! 

Day 36 of 365

  1. That I am OMFG BUSY at work
  2. I have been asked to help out in guild and been given access to some officer discussion... they trust me enough to help out
  3. That I was invited to a brain storming meeting with the new ED. He thought I was smart enough to be there... and I did ok considering it started at 830am
  4. A break from NGB and the house and the dogs made me realize even more how much I love them (the boy and the dogs) and how much that house is my home
  5. After working hard on the road all morning, the afternoon to nap, soak int he tub, hang out on the computer... and get paid for it! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 35 of 365

The pressure is on... I was away for work and didn't GiST and now I am DAYS behind... 
  1. That I am not pregnant (it's not the right timing)
  2. That I am sad that I am not pregnant (despite it not being the right time, I am happy it could have happened)
  3. Sugar cookies.... yummy yummy sugar cookies
  4. A fun road trip with work grils
  5. That I am all done with the pregnancy talk

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 34 of 365

  1. That this is the first time that I felt the slightest need to buy a pregnancy test
  2. That above mentioned test works faster than ever before
  3. That I will be out of town for the next couple of days, so I can take the test there and no one will know
  4. That I am really sure that I am not pregnant
  5. But if I am, I will be overjoyed to have created a person with NGB

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 33 of 365

  1. Marble Slab ice cream
  2. Pretty red nails
  3. Foot rubs
  4. Holding hands with NGB 
  5. Having a laptop to take with me on my roadtrip

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 32 of 365

  1. Lazy Saturdays. By choice, not by illness. 
  2. Jeans that make me look skinny-ish
  3. My warm and soft robe to snuggle in
  4. That Sherman has stopped peeing in the floor vent (although he has only done it once)
  5. My boston terrir head change purse

Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you know?

Do you know if your child is not... attractive? Every child is cute, but there is attractive cute and then there is a small human being cute. Madeline is perfectly, adorably, attractive cute (from Mat, Liz & Madeline). Others not as much.... No, I will never post a link to a less-than-attractive child. 

As a parent, do you know? Do you know that your child is not attractive or do the hormones and love take any of the objectiveness away? 

I can look at someone (human or pet) that I love and I can be objective. That I love them just the way they are but I know objectively, according to society's standards of attractiveness (often messed up, yes) are not being met. As a parent, though... And what if your child is not attractive? What if they are even ugly?

This is coming out so shallow. I would love my child for who they are and attractiveness does not matter. I just wonder... NGB and I have, in the past, talked about what if we had a child that wasn't "perfect". If there were health issues, developmental issues, or something as meaningless  as attractiveness I would not love the child less. 

But do you know? 

Day 31 of 365

  1. Arizona Diet Blueberry Green Tea
  2. Cake for lunch when the salad you bought is gross
  3. That I am truly happy (and not that scared) at the very very small chance that me and NGB made a person
  4. The amazing food my mother makes... aka mommy food
  5. That it is Friday and tomorrow is sleep-in day

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 30 of 365

  1. Streaming radio to break up the silence in my office
  2. Cookie dough ice cream WITH BROWNIE CHUNKS. I would rip someone's still beating heart out of their chest for that right now... 
  3. That I am obviously PMSing (see above)
  4. That NGB was so wonderful about the possibility of me being pregnant... there was a time where he'd almost faint at the mention of marriage let alone kids
  5. For "cat porn jokes" and "orange you glad you met me"

What are the chances?

This month I have been sick and on antibiotics. Round 1 could affect The Pill and so I didn't bother taking it this month. It's not like NGB and I wanted to come into contact with any other bodily fluids, the snot and phlegm were PLENTY. 

Rewind to last Friday, and I celebrated my re-found health with a bottle of wine. Well, one thing led to another thing... Twice. Heh. 

I thought "Aunt Flo" was coming that day. I thought that it was safe. BUT my friend didn't come. I mentioned to NGB that nothing ever materialized like I thought it would and he made the off-hand comment that maybe I was pregnant. I dismissed it, my period was being weird, with all the illness and medications. Then that little comment took root in my overly active brain and I started to wonder. Then worry... 

I confided in NGB that I was a bit freaked out about what he said. Turns out, he was joking and then started to freak out that I was freaking out... Which led to us talking about what if we have created a life. A PERSON. 

But instead of talking about the practical stuff, we jumped straight into the names. What should we name it? It's interesting, we spent most of the time talking about boy names. NGB's favorite was unusual. If someone, somewhere is reading this PLEASE let me know what you think about 


I go straight to Felix the Cat cartoon porn. Google it, second entry. 

But he likes old fashioned names. And nothing flora related (his last name is the name of a plant). How do you decide on the name of a human being for the rest of their lives? And the potential teasing and nicknames? 

However, our next male dog will be Felix. We get to use the name and my future child can be free of cartoon porn. It's a win, win situation. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 29 of 365

  1. Barb and Ernie's Breakfasts. Best Eggs Benny ever!
  2. San Pellegrino. SO much better than plain water
  3. All Mighty Clothing. Cute clothes with Boston Terriers on it
  4. Cookie dough ice cream
  5. A brand new extra firm, extra fluffy pillow

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 28 of 365

  1. Zenari's Spinach Risotto
  2. That NGB is kind and ehough to think to bring home an ice cream cake to cheer up my friend that was over (and recently dumped)
  3. Doggy daycare to tire out the boys
  4. My girlfriends. I am very very lucky to have such wonderful women in my life
  5. Enough vacation days to randomly take tomorrow off to just stay home with NGB

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 27 of 365

  1. That I am not naive enough to fall for all the "YOU WIN" spam emails
  2. That I am getting spam on the email address that I am using for this blog (and this blog alone) which means someone (or bot) somewhere is reading this
  3. Pedicures 
  4. That the days are getting longer
  5. That I have 23 days of vacation this year and 2 days of management supplemental... what to do with all that vacation????

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 26 of 365

  1. Superbowl, since it delayed raiding enough for me to level professions. 
  2. Another wonderfully lazy and relaxing weekend 
  3. They let me talk in raid
  4. That I am thankful for a lot of WoW related stuff... 
  5. And that I am ok with that 

Day 25 of 365

Missed Saturday! Apparently I am not very thankful on Saturdays...
  1. That my puppy's feets smell like fritos, especially when they are warm
  2. Murad Lip Therapy. Best. Lip. Fixer. EVAR!
  3. Being healthy enough to drink wine again... I missed you, red wine!
  4. Tasty Tom's bacon cheeseburger. It's an orgasm in your mouth
  5. Alley Kat beer. Locally brewed and fabulous