Friday, January 30, 2009

So much to do, so little time

I am easily distracted by things and ideas and I just want to experience everything! I have this strange belief that if others can do it, so can I. Let me clarify, that this belief does NOT include anything that is remotely physical. Sport? No. Endurance and strength? No.  Not being clumsy? That is impssible. But when it comes to anything else I figure why not! 

I watched this video. An brilliant piece of machinima by a truly talented person. Could I do this? Not at this level. But there is this piece of me that wants to try to do something like this! This little part of me started thinking about characters and story lines...

And then I tried to do something as simple as create an original template for this blog. How hard can it be? Other people can do it... I can figure it out. Heh. Riiiight. 

Programming is not english and somehow I really thought I could just jump in and be fluent in another language. Ok. So before I make an original template, I need to learn to write in this foreign tongue. When the only way I passed my computer lab in University was to (unintentionally) flash some leg to the geek grad student so that he handed over the answers to the test, which I just copied. *sigh*

So learn to make and interesting and relevant template for this blog has been added to my list of things to do this weekend. Along with clean the house, do laundry (I am on the dregs of the underwear drawer! Sick and laundry do not mix), and caulk the bathtub. I have dreams of being a "Jack-ette of all trades!"

Day 24 of 365

  1. Book club. The girls in book club are wonderful women, the food is amazing, the conversations (book and non-book related) are energizing.
  2. Feeling better!! I have the energy to do stuff. And make A LIST OF TO DO STUFF! That I will cross items off of... I love that! 
  3. My Mexx grey & blue pinstripe blazer. It's such a great fit and I get compliments every time I wear it. 
  4. Ending the day before curled up in bed, reading a fluff book, after a perfectly warm bath, with 2 puppies snuggled against your legs. 
  5. That NGB will finally get to sleep in the same bed this weekend. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 23 of 365

  1. Free desserts in the office
  2. That I only had one free dessert instead of the 20 gazillion I want to eat
  3. Pay day!! (damn, I was broke)
  4. That NGB is going to the grocery store today to get the ingredients I need for bookclub instead of both of us going last night like we were supposed to but couldn't because I had an "upset tummy" and wanted to be home. 
  5. My office window that I can stare out of when I am too sleepy to think

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The one bad thing about GiST

By coming on and GiSTing everyday I feel like I blog regularly. Although I never actually type anything more than my little list, the other thoughts and ideas get lost along the way. So along with GiSTing I must remember there is more to life than lists.

I am in a strange mood this morning. My chest is clearing and I can see the light at the end of this illness tunnel. However, I have the oddest taste in my mouth and am sleeping strangely. I assume both are effects of the antibiotcs. 

I had the most vivid dreams last night. The were so clear and I could physically feel the effects of my actions as I lay alone in bed. There is a part of me that is still in this dream state. Nothing is completely tangible. It's almost like how I feel when I travel alone. When, after hours wandering through a new city where I can't eavesdrop on the conversations around me and am forced to stay in my head, when I run out of the meaningless chatter that fills my 8-track mind and I am finally silent and ready to open myself. When I do get to this moment, I always find a wonderful gift.  An insight, an understanding, a new layer of life's onion peeled back.

I am sitting in a non-descript government office cubicle, analysing the meaning of various words in the context of various documents. But I am distracted and waiting for my insight. I think, instead, I am just lost in some antibiotic induced shift in reality. 

When you put out to the world what you think you want to see happen, then have daydreams of the opposite occurring what does the Universe think? Does it figure out what you really want, when you can't seem to? 

This may not be the best state of mind to blog in *grin* 

Day 22 of 365

  1. The perfect pen to write with
  2. Finding a new blog (or two) that may just become favorites
  3. Taking deeeeep breaths without coughing
  4. A mom that is my friend too
  5. That I am here, today, and I can dream

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 21 of 365

  1. Levaquin. This is round 2 of antibiotics and they better win!
  2. That a dear friend has moved into the same office building as me, so I should be able to see her more often.
  3. Having an old friend got in touch again. A friendship I though was over may have sprung to life again
  4. A hot bubblebath after making it through a Monday
  5. That NGB is tackling his taxes! He's only 5 or 6 years behind... 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 20 of 265

Well, made it to 20 with only a few bumps along the way. Yay! 
  1. A coworker that makes homemade bread at work early on a Monday morning. 
  2. Another coworker that makes cappuccinos on a Monday morning (I have amazing coworkers)
  3. The gorgeous laptop bag NGB bought me for Christmas that can now act as my purse, since my existing purse decided to fall apart. 
  4. Comfortable underwear. Not something to be taken for granted! 
  5. That despite my little cold and subsequent whining I still have my health. Please take the time to think of those that may not

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 19 of 365

  1. That NGB is so sweet and supportive of me when I am whiny and sick
  2. A great book to read before bed
  3. That I will have the great book read in time for bookclub this week
  4. Walter's rash has finally cleared up. It only took about 6 months but he's back to normal
  5. A comfy computer chair that I can spend all day sitting in

Day 18 of 365

Bah! Missed a day... 
  1. The achievement system in WoW which is a fabulous something to waste time on :)
  2. Mom's homemade chicken soup
  3. Sherman happily snorting away as he rubs his back on the carpet
  4. Hot water, honey and lemon
  5. Watching a puppy sleep on the vent, the perfect place for him to stay warm

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 17 of 365

Still sick. At home today, trying to sleep it off. 
  1. NyQuill. Wow... that stuff works
  2. Bentasil cough lozenges. They work too
  3. Neo Citron. Yup, because it works
  4. Riccola. Same reason as above
  5. Two puppies curled up against you as you sleep the afternoon away. That works, but in a different way. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 16 of 365

Today is a more challenging day to be thankful. I am still sick and not getting any better. Maybe getting worse. And I am tired from coughing all night and listening to NGB cough for that hour he was in our bed before he went to the spare bed. Tired me = grumpy me. And grumpy does not equal thankful... But here goes. 
  1. That NGB supports (although he doesn't agree with) my desire to have a synthetic diamond.  Another weird... I do not want a real diamond ring. It bothers me that the earth was plundered for a shiny stone to wear on my finger. And the risk of it being a blood diamond just doubles my ick factor. Do I still wear gold and other metals? Yes. For some reason that bothers me less than diamonds. I am weird. I know. 
  2. That I get to be part of the journey of a new friend and coworker as she grows life inside her. She is pregnant! 
  3. Soft kleenex on my achy nose
  4. Winning the lotto. It was only $2 but I still won something.
  5. Free muffins from someone else's meeting that fulfills my desire to stuff my face. Feed a cold AND a fever I say. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Despite the fact I am not yet engaged I have started planning the wedding

I feel that I should talk about the USA. About the amazing change that is brewing down there. About the grace and intelligence and decency of the first couple. About the hope that is tangible in the USA right now, despite the economic crisis. About a campaign based on only that which is positive. But I would not do it the justice that more eloquent writers can. I just want to wish the USA nothing but the best as they move ahead. Up here, in the great white north, we feel the change and the hope too. 

And now, on to the part related to the title of this post... wedding planning!! No, I am not engaged. We don't have a day (or even, really, a year) but I must always have a project! Something to plan... be it house renos, a Christmas party, a wedding. I must have something to fill the spaces in my mind. Another weird. I almost always have multiple trains of thought going. There is what is in front of me, then there are the background tracks. My mind is an 8-track recorder! Track 4 right now is permanently on the wedding ideas. 

Church (the Anglican one)
Ideal dress (that I can't afford). Go to tea length, Roxanne style. With a birdcage veil. 
Invites (on the 100% recycled paper). Or these
Wheat grass and candles as the centrepieces. Candles everywhere! 
No attendants. No bouquets (another weird, I don't like cut flowers). No band or DJ (just an iPod in the background playing music). Ideally rockband and a few boardgames in a corner somewhere, a photobooth so people can take candid shots of themselves, something somewhere with a WoW theme (subtle, but present). 
Maybe on a Friday.

So, a completely NON-traditional affair. I wonder how much non-traditional will cost... 

To finish the day with one huge pet peeve. I use Google Chrome. I like it. I like the spell-check feature a lot. I type faster than I think. Or think faster than I type...? The latter, I hope *grin* But for some unknown reason's post-typing big white box (the technical name, I am sure) will NOT be spell checked! Even though blogger is a google company. So I have to copy and paste it into word to find out the real way phlegm is spelled (I got it right. Woot!) . And when I don't, I have the nagging feeling I spelled inauguration wrong... Curse you google!

Day 15 of 365

So, I had the list typed out yesterday but missed publishing somehow. Does that count as a missed day?
  1. Planning for a wedding with my best friend
  2. My best friend freaking only a LITTLE when I ask him ideas about venue and dress, but trying soooooo hard to look like he is completely calm and collected with it all
  3. That so many women across North America are looking at Michelle Obama as a role model, as someone they want to emulate. Could that have happened even 30 years ago? 
  4. Getting a combination lock, one of the final hurdles preventing me from going to the gym. Get rid of this nagging phlegmy cough and I am SO WORKING OUT! 
  5. Not gaining weight. I am not LOSING more yet, but I am not packing back on the 5 pounds I lost. 

Day 14 of 365

  1. Being alive to see a historic moment... even though you couldn't stream the inauguration at work
  2. My tinted moisturizer. Physicians Formula, organic. I love it!! 
  3. A wonderful dinner out and round of errands with NGB. Something as simple as going to Costco for meat is always fun with him
  4.  Kind coworkers, who make coming to work easy
  5. NGB's active sleeping, which makes for great stories in the morning!

Monday, January 19, 2009

(lucky) Day 13 of 365

  1. Tim Horton's coffee and donuts at the staff meeting
  2. Staying awake in the staff meeting on a Monday morning (thank you, again, sweet coffee)
  3. Random emails from NGB telling me he loves me
  4. My mom for coming back to my place to drop off my only set of keys that I accidently left in the pocket of the coat I was wearing but gave back to her. I would have completely PANICKED in the morning.
  5. A poop free yard and warm weather to collect the puppy gifts

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 12 of 365

  1. A wonderful night of eating and drinking with dear friends. And rockband 2!
  2. Photographic evidence of the fun night with friends
  3. Getting some stuff done around the house and outside too
  4. Crawling into bed with fresh and clean sheets
  5. A perfect afternoon nap with NGB

Day 11 of 365

omg I missed Saturday. Not even sure why... 
  1. My new mugs, made out of the same glass as beakers in a lab
  2. Walter's new ointment, that is helping his rash a LOT
  3. OPI Nail Envy
  4. 10 man Malygos is done! Champion of the Frozen Wastes! 
  5. A wonderful day of errands with NGB on a gorgeous Spring day... even though it's still winter. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 10 out of 365

Wow! I made it to the double digits with this exercise and haven't missed a day (yet). 
  1. TGIF. The weekend is here!!! (almost)
  2. That my cute purple shoes and eggplant "it was on for such a cheap price!" turtleneck are a perfect, yet unintentional, match. 
  3. Getting to watch Sherman do his nightly wiggle, laid out on his back, writhing side to side in puppy back-scratch joy.
  4. A good hair day
  5. Forecasted high of +11C tomorrow. In Alberta. In January!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 9 of 365

  1. Listenting to someone sing who is doing it only for the love of the music
  2. A really good deal on my favorite staple turtleneck (only $9.99!). I got one in red and one in eggplant. To go with the cream, black, blue and green ones I already have... 
  3. Waking up on time for the SECOND day in a row. Although I was still late for work...
  4. Someone left a comment on my blog!!!!!!!
  5. Sunshine pouring through my office window. 

I outted myself. And random stuff.

I swore I wouldn't tell any of my "real life" friends the name of this blog. I'd tell them I HAD one, that I write in it, that it is helping me focus on the important things in life through GiST and just making sure I notice life so there is something to write. But I never thought I would say the NAME of my blog to someone. And I did. Last night. Over drinks with a dear friend. If you come here Janene... HAI!!!

Am I going to tell more people I know? Am I going to tell the NGB? See, the thing with him is he's the very OPPOSITE of an exhibitionist (aka me). He does not share his life, his ideas, his personal information with everyone and anyone. Hell, it took me and many friends about a year of nagging to get him on Facebook. And he still won't put a pic up. 

I HAVE A COMMENT! I squealed just a little, outloud, at work in pure joy. While I think I am sure I likely am just doing this for myself, to have a commentary on my life and remind me of the things I forget... to know someone SOMEWHERE read my words... wow! And, btw she will now be one of the blogs that I obsessively follow, because I am that kinda faithful to my first comment (luckily, she's a good writer too!). 

NGB mentioned we'd be getting married this year (or soon). So, being the obsessive planner I am I started thinking about what this wedding day will look like. Where it will be, who will come, what we'll do. I know I do NOT want a traditional wedding. No bridesmaids, no head table, no speeches, no first dance, no big white princess dress, no cut flowers. Another one of my weirds? I hate cut flowers. Like Christmas trees, all I see is something that once was living slowly dying... But what do I want? I want a party, I want people to mingle and talk and eat. I want colouring books and toys for the kids, I want rockband for the guys, I want board games and crib. I want a photo booth, so people can take candid shots of themselves. I want to walk around the people I love and celebrate over food and drink. I still want to do the chicken dance, but I don't want a formal first dance. I don't want a wedding, I want a party to celebrate the fact that I want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. If anyone else out there reads this... what did you to for a wedding day celebration? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 8 of 365

  1. My brand new adorable purple shoes that were really cheap and are comfortable too!
  2. When you are making a pitcher of some powdered drink, and they powder wafts into the air and to the back of your throat as you take a deep breath in, so that you can then taste the drink before the water comes.
  3. Waking up on time for the first time in about a week. Normal morning schedule ftw
  4. Fuze. Since I can't remember to take a multi-vitamin at least I can drink one. 
  5. Finding a toilet in the women's bathroom that isn't peed on for once. Seriously people... how hard is it to get it into the bowl! 

To comment or not to comment...

I am an avid blog reader. There are around 10 I must read daily. Although some of those are going to slip off the "must read" list as they never blog anymore... Anyway. As much as I love to read, I am equally as reluctant to leave a comment. 

To back track, I love to people watch. To listen to other people's conversations, watch their interactions with the people around them, even just their mannerisms...  And blogs are a great way to sit back and people watch while I sit at a computer. But commenting on a blog, to me, is like walking up to the person you just spent the last 30 minutes covertly listening to (and hearing about her waxing woes, her crazy ex-boyfriend, her crazier current boyfriend) and saying "hi! I love your stories!". 

But on the flip side, I hope one day someone reads this blog and leaves a comment.

Why would I care if anyone comments? Why am I doing this... Is it for the possibility of internet fame? A chance to fulfill some inner desire to be a flasher? But instead of my naked self, I flash my life to the world? Is it for my personal edification... a chance to see in a few years where I have been. 

I am not doing very well on the whole resolution list. Water? What water!? Vitamins? Pshaw! Wii fit? Riiiiight... but I am blogging. And maybe I'll try to leave a comment a day (or week) on someone's blog, somewhere. In case they, too, are trying to figure out why they do this thing they do. 

EDIT: I put my faves on the site. There are 2 more, but they are rare-posters. So many are mommy-blogs. And I am not a mommy... 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 7 of 365

  1. Paid sick days. 
  2. Penicillin. 
  3. Tinted moisturizer (that may actually be really good! And "organic" too)
  4. Frozen veggies, for when the fridge is bare.
  5. Orange juice on a sore throat.
Are you sensing the "I am sick and whiny about it" theme here? 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 6 of 365

  1. Warm tea on a sore throat
  2. No line at the Tim Horton's this morning. Immediate coffee fix!
  3. Clearing Naxx last night
  4. Making plans to spend the rest of my life with my best friend
  5. A coworker to confinde in (and bitch to) about work frustrations

Is there a doctor in the house?

I have been sick for weeks. It started as a head cold (sinuses) to the point I had to shove kleenex up my nose to staunch the flow. Then it went to the back of my throat which felt sore and scratchy. Then my ears became itchy and it was hard to hear properly. THEN it fell into my chest where it sits now. Making my cough until it sounds like I am horking up a lung. All through this I have refused to go to the doctor. Until today, I caved in to the pressure from everyone around me. I made an appointment (for this afternoon) and will go. 

I have no clue why I am so reluctant to make an appointment. I like my doctor, he's an awesome man. I have been seeing him since I stopped seeing a pediatrician. But I am scared that he's going to judge me to be a hypochondriac, that I am not REALLY sick but just pretending. Maybe it comes from those nights in grade school where I would hope and almost convince myself I was seriously ill to avoid a test or assignment or presentation the next day in school. Maybe because I have never really BEEN seriously ill before. 

Or maybe it's because I don't want to take antibiotics or something like that unless I have to. I prefer to let my body heal itself, partly because I never remember to take my pills when I am supposed to. Realistically, what will the doctor say? You have a cold. It's in your lungs. Do you want antibiotics? No? Then... get well soon! 

It was great during grad school because the other student with me was a doctor, trained in Columbia and a friend. When I asked her my stupid questions and she eased my (possibly hypochondriacal) concerns. She's off in New York, working as a psychiatrist there, far away from my whining. Now I have to bundle up, drive over to the clinic, pay for parking and have him tell me that I am fine. I have a cold. And I'll be better soon. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 5 of 365

  1. Waking up when your body wants to, not when the alarm tells you to
  2. Talking and laughing with NGB as we lay in bed, just before falling asleep
  3. Still liking your new haircut the next morning
  4. Buckley's cough syrup. It tastes bad, but it works
  5. Cold pizza for breakfast

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 4 of 365

And today's GiST comes with PICTURES!

  1. Stripey toe socks. I am now officially a geek with these bad boys. 
  2. Boston Terrier t-shirts... ON SALE. And it's a BOSTON BURGER!! 
  3. A good haircut
  4. Coming home from a good haircut and finding that your amazing boyfriend cleaned the house while you were away
  5. The feeling of NGB's arms around my waist as I wash dishes at the sink

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 3 of 265

  1. Sleeping in. Even if it was an accident and you had the overwhelming panic of being late, and then you have to rush like mad and made it in to work an hour after you were supposed to... Extra sleep rocks
  2. Downing a new boss in Naxx 
  3. The morning online jigsaw puzzle
  4. Knowing that the temperature outside is going from -22C to -3C today
  5. Despite the weight gain over the holidays, your old jeans (which you were certain would be way too small) still fit! 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

When you stop to talk to the crazies...

... it can make you smile :)

I had a meeting on the other side of downtown. I am in in Alberta. In winter. During a cold snap. I was being lazy and taking the train instead of walking. 

I heard the train come and was rushing down the stairs when I got delayed by 2 men in front of me, blocking most of the path. One was on crutches, the other helping him down the steep concrete stairs. 

I frustratedly squeezed past them and grabbed the door, holding it open until they made it in (I am Canadian, we're notoriously polite). I stood up against a wall, thinking about the meeting ahead, and waited for my 2 stops to come. One of the men, the one helping the guy on crutches, stopped to thank me for holding the door. Then he noticed my scarf and complimented it.  And I looked more closely at him, and listened to his words. 

This scarf is a find from last year, Winner's. It's more a pashmina. But a warm-brown, large knit pashmina. I wear it over my shoulders, over my coat for extra warmth. It's amazing to me, despite the weight I have gained, I am always cold. 

Carrying on... I try not to believe in stereotypes. I am concious of the power they have and try to ignore them. But I was hit in the face with so many stereotypes...

First, the man was drunk. The moment he spoke I was awash in the smell of some sweet alcohol. Second, he was had the look of the homeless. Number 1 also hinted at the lack of life stability. Third, he was aboriginal. Fourth, the one that made me pause... he had the stereotypical gay mannerisms. 

As he staggered and swayed in the train (and I dodged his breath) he told me about how is hunting for, er... looking for a new scarf. He wanted a soft grey one, he thought it would match nicely. He told me about the jacket he REALLY wants ($600 at Holt Renfrew) but he can't afford it. But how good he would look in it!  He told me he's always cared what he looks like, as he self consciously smoothed out his outfit. Which, while likely wasn't bought new, it was all clean and did all match. Despite carrying the stigma of so many sterotypes, or because of it, this man took such pleasure in his appearance, in his clothes...

Other people edged away from us, shooting him dirty looks out of the corners of their eyes. The drunken homeless man. But the more he talked, the more animated he became. And the more I began to believe he isn't used to being treated with courtesy, like someone whose story is worth hearing. Almost too quickly my stop came. I wished him luck in finding the right scarf and exited. 

As I was going up the escalator, I heard someone yell "Thank you! I love your scarf!" I turned around to see this man, hanging himself out the door, waving goodbye. And as I waved back, I was filled with such simple joy. That man took me away from my upcoming meeting, my work, my busy life and made me genuinely smile. 

And that is the story behind small grace #2 today... 

Day 2 of 365

  1. The "glug" sound when you pour the first glass of wine from the bottle
  2. Taking the time to talk to the crazy people on public transportation
  3. The first sip of the perfect coffee on a cold morning
  4. Plans for drinks with a dear girlfriend you never can see as much as you want to
  5. Sleepy puppy kisses

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form...

365 days of Grace in Small Things

I found this in random blog surfing today. Everyday, a list (I love lists) of 5 things that have graced my life. 5 things a day that I am thankful for, happy about, acknowledge as special and important. That is 1 825 things, a LOT of things to be happy about. Seems like a challenge to find these things, not repeat myself, and not make this too saccharine. And it'll make me blog daily :) 

Wow... I have to admit I struggled with #1. The FIRST thing that I am thankful for. #1 on my list! Although it's not necessarily my most graced thing, but there is the perecpetion it COULD be...  so... what to choose? The pressure!! So much came to mind (thankfully... hey something for a future list?). But in the end I choose... 

Day 1 of 365
  1. The love of 2 amazing parents
  2. NGB rolling over to hold me in his sleep
  3. A glass of red wine at the end of a long day
  4. Garlic
  5. The happy wiggle dance that Walter does when I come home

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still a quitter... but no new habits

Well, I am still a quitter! Still not smoking and I only gained about 5 pounds (and that was over Christmas too). The healither lifestyle resolutions still aren't there... Water intake is up to 2-4 glases (aiming for 8). Wii Fit? Once. But I am blogging more! And I am thinking about being healthier, which is a start. Right? 

And now off to a buffet at the Faculty Club with a friend! *sigh* Buffets are bad. Why can't I stick to the salads? Instead, it's a game to see how much meat and carbs I can loads on to one plate without it cracking from the weight of it all. Wish me luck. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Was that a proposal??!

Last night me and NGB went out for Vietnamese with friends. Well, it was my ex-boyfriend from high school and his wife and their 4 month old daughter. Which is an example of how my weird life works. But we had a great time were chatting away, eating yummy food and talking about marriage, kids and all that stuff. Somehow we got onto the topic of me and NGB getting married at some possible future date. He turned to me and said that we would be married or knee deep into planning a wedding (with a date and all) by the end of the calendar year. I asked by the end of 2010? He said no, by the end of 2009... 

There has been a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. Many of them caused by us not communicating seriously about the big stuff. I would say things in my girl-way he would listen in his boy-way. Which means, I would hint at something, mention it offhand and hope he would understand how important it was to me. He would hear it, but not understand how important it was, since I didn't say it in a direct way. 

We have been together closing in on 5 years. The first few months we SPED through the serious milestones. Met in March, officially dating in May, living together by October (for all intents and purposes), officially living together byJanuary, bought our house that April. And then... nothing more. I thought I'd give him a year. Then two... then three? And nothing. I tried to get the ball rolling by suggesting a wedding date. That was met with some resistance (aka fear). I know NGB loves me, but I also know he's kind scared of the whole marriage and babies thing. And I want marriage and babies. Last summer it all fell apart. But we have put it back together and it's stronger than ever. But it made me so completely happy to hear NGB mention marriage. Without me prompting him.  Was that a proposal? He said no, it wasn't. But it was a big step in that direction. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First day of 2009!

It's the first day of 2009. A day for new beginnings! A day to begin fresh. And a day that I am sick... What a way to start the year! Oh well, we had a relaxing day of napping and gaming and napping. 

New Years Eve was wonderful, although the ribs were only meh. Anyone know a GREAT homemade rib recipe? I still want great home-cooked ribs. This one was cooked for 6 hours in a slow coooker. Maybe the meat was not good, maybe we cooked it too quickly. 

Now we're just raiding (10 man Naxx) and it's a quiet evening at home. Minus the sick, it's a good start to 2009.