Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Despite the fact I am not yet engaged I have started planning the wedding

I feel that I should talk about the USA. About the amazing change that is brewing down there. About the grace and intelligence and decency of the first couple. About the hope that is tangible in the USA right now, despite the economic crisis. About a campaign based on only that which is positive. But I would not do it the justice that more eloquent writers can. I just want to wish the USA nothing but the best as they move ahead. Up here, in the great white north, we feel the change and the hope too. 

And now, on to the part related to the title of this post... wedding planning!! No, I am not engaged. We don't have a day (or even, really, a year) but I must always have a project! Something to plan... be it house renos, a Christmas party, a wedding. I must have something to fill the spaces in my mind. Another weird. I almost always have multiple trains of thought going. There is what is in front of me, then there are the background tracks. My mind is an 8-track recorder! Track 4 right now is permanently on the wedding ideas. 

Church (the Anglican one)
Ideal dress (that I can't afford). Go to tea length, Roxanne style. With a birdcage veil. 
Invites (on the 100% recycled paper). Or these
Wheat grass and candles as the centrepieces. Candles everywhere! 
No attendants. No bouquets (another weird, I don't like cut flowers). No band or DJ (just an iPod in the background playing music). Ideally rockband and a few boardgames in a corner somewhere, a photobooth so people can take candid shots of themselves, something somewhere with a WoW theme (subtle, but present). 
Maybe on a Friday.

So, a completely NON-traditional affair. I wonder how much non-traditional will cost... 

To finish the day with one huge pet peeve. I use Google Chrome. I like it. I like the spell-check feature a lot. I type faster than I think. Or think faster than I type...? The latter, I hope *grin* But for some unknown reason's post-typing big white box (the technical name, I am sure) will NOT be spell checked! Even though blogger is a google company. So I have to copy and paste it into word to find out the real way phlegm is spelled (I got it right. Woot!) . And when I don't, I have the nagging feeling I spelled inauguration wrong... Curse you google!


Sleepynita said...

Fort Ed. would be a great place for a wedding. I have a friend who is a kick ass photographer who did a few awesome weddings there...

Also? Wicked dress. Maybe you could find a seamstress in Chinatown to copy it cheap?

Neo-Geek Girl said...

Photographer? You know a great photographer?! That is one piece I am missing to be ready to go when I get engaged :) Can you pass on their info?