Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 16 of 365

Today is a more challenging day to be thankful. I am still sick and not getting any better. Maybe getting worse. And I am tired from coughing all night and listening to NGB cough for that hour he was in our bed before he went to the spare bed. Tired me = grumpy me. And grumpy does not equal thankful... But here goes. 
  1. That NGB supports (although he doesn't agree with) my desire to have a synthetic diamond.  Another weird... I do not want a real diamond ring. It bothers me that the earth was plundered for a shiny stone to wear on my finger. And the risk of it being a blood diamond just doubles my ick factor. Do I still wear gold and other metals? Yes. For some reason that bothers me less than diamonds. I am weird. I know. 
  2. That I get to be part of the journey of a new friend and coworker as she grows life inside her. She is pregnant! 
  3. Soft kleenex on my achy nose
  4. Winning the lotto. It was only $2 but I still won something.
  5. Free muffins from someone else's meeting that fulfills my desire to stuff my face. Feed a cold AND a fever I say. 

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