Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 15 of 365

So, I had the list typed out yesterday but missed publishing somehow. Does that count as a missed day?
  1. Planning for a wedding with my best friend
  2. My best friend freaking only a LITTLE when I ask him ideas about venue and dress, but trying soooooo hard to look like he is completely calm and collected with it all
  3. That so many women across North America are looking at Michelle Obama as a role model, as someone they want to emulate. Could that have happened even 30 years ago? 
  4. Getting a combination lock, one of the final hurdles preventing me from going to the gym. Get rid of this nagging phlegmy cough and I am SO WORKING OUT! 
  5. Not gaining weight. I am not LOSING more yet, but I am not packing back on the 5 pounds I lost. 

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