Thursday, January 15, 2009

I outted myself. And random stuff.

I swore I wouldn't tell any of my "real life" friends the name of this blog. I'd tell them I HAD one, that I write in it, that it is helping me focus on the important things in life through GiST and just making sure I notice life so there is something to write. But I never thought I would say the NAME of my blog to someone. And I did. Last night. Over drinks with a dear friend. If you come here Janene... HAI!!!

Am I going to tell more people I know? Am I going to tell the NGB? See, the thing with him is he's the very OPPOSITE of an exhibitionist (aka me). He does not share his life, his ideas, his personal information with everyone and anyone. Hell, it took me and many friends about a year of nagging to get him on Facebook. And he still won't put a pic up. 

I HAVE A COMMENT! I squealed just a little, outloud, at work in pure joy. While I think I am sure I likely am just doing this for myself, to have a commentary on my life and remind me of the things I forget... to know someone SOMEWHERE read my words... wow! And, btw she will now be one of the blogs that I obsessively follow, because I am that kinda faithful to my first comment (luckily, she's a good writer too!). 

NGB mentioned we'd be getting married this year (or soon). So, being the obsessive planner I am I started thinking about what this wedding day will look like. Where it will be, who will come, what we'll do. I know I do NOT want a traditional wedding. No bridesmaids, no head table, no speeches, no first dance, no big white princess dress, no cut flowers. Another one of my weirds? I hate cut flowers. Like Christmas trees, all I see is something that once was living slowly dying... But what do I want? I want a party, I want people to mingle and talk and eat. I want colouring books and toys for the kids, I want rockband for the guys, I want board games and crib. I want a photo booth, so people can take candid shots of themselves. I want to walk around the people I love and celebrate over food and drink. I still want to do the chicken dance, but I don't want a formal first dance. I don't want a wedding, I want a party to celebrate the fact that I want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. If anyone else out there reads this... what did you to for a wedding day celebration? 

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