Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 8 of 365

  1. My brand new adorable purple shoes that were really cheap and are comfortable too!
  2. When you are making a pitcher of some powdered drink, and they powder wafts into the air and to the back of your throat as you take a deep breath in, so that you can then taste the drink before the water comes.
  3. Waking up on time for the first time in about a week. Normal morning schedule ftw
  4. Fuze. Since I can't remember to take a multi-vitamin at least I can drink one. 
  5. Finding a toilet in the women's bathroom that isn't peed on for once. Seriously people... how hard is it to get it into the bowl! 

1 comment:

drowninginlaundry said...

Ugh the pee thing always pisses me off... seriously HOW the frig do you get it on the seat? Don't people WIPE?