Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It was a success!

Despite the fact I haven't posted in a month, I HAVE been writing the blogs. 

Just. Not. Posting. Them.  ?

No clue why. 

The last few weeks have been spent planning the Neo-Geek Christmas Party 2008 (on December 6th). There were many renos to be finished, much planning of menus and guests, much cooking... But in the end it was a success! Loads of food, loads of drink, loads of people. And loads of fun. Although I never did get the chance to actually TALK to anyone (too busy cooking, hosting, drinking). And by the end of the night I was a wee bit loaded (constant sips of wine + not eating your own cooking = drunken hugs to everyone!)

Then Sunday I did nothing... no house work, no planning, no cooking, no renos. Just nothing! Well, maybe some gaming. 

Monday was the day I aged another year... 

Since then I have been getting used to being in my mid-30's. Or as my boss "helpfully" suggested, my very-late early 30's. Despite being a home owner, having a career, living in sin with the boy (according to my mom) I still feel like a kid in so many ways. Gaming, perfunctory house cleaning, no marriage, no kids. So... irresponsible. Maybe, just maybe, I'll grow up this year? Figure out what my goals are. What it is I want in life, love, career, family, travel. Maybe I'll stop the dissonance between who I think I am/want to be (in my head) and who I am currently being (through my actions). But maybe not... I hear being an adult is a lot of work *grin*

EDIT: I just went for lunch with a dear friend that is truly an adult. Working full time, married, finishing a PhD, has a son not even a year old. And, as they say, grass is greener... He is thinking how great it would be to have my 16-year old boy lifestyle and I am wishing I could be a grown-up just like him. I still think he wins. He gets to smell baby-smells. 

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