Friday, December 12, 2008

Strangest high ever!

I have decided to quit the most nasty and vile of habits. Again. Smoking. 

I stopped on Tuesday and seem to be doing well with it all. I don't even WANT one. I thought about caving and buying a pack, because that is what people do when they quit. But I didn't want to smoke. 

However, yesterday in a meeting I went into some strange dissociative state. I felt... detached from my body. Nothing was real, I was a dizzy, I was confused by simple things and unable to make a choice. I made it through the end of the work day and then drove home. Driving home there was only one thing that felt real. Music. So the radio was blaring, I was thumping along to the music (no where close to the beat). I made it home safely. I crawled into bed in my nictonine-less stupor and slept it off. But it was the strangest high. 

Well, it was the quitting smoking OR the green tea a friend gave me. I am going to assume the tea is clean... 

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