Friday, December 19, 2008

I have written 100 posts in my head

But not once have I put these thougths into writing. I think it's partly due to the fact I am funnier in my head (to me) *grin* . 

Life has been quiet and busy as Christmas comes closer. I am no where NEAR ready for Christmas and I am normally the girl that is done before December 1. I think I have most stuff bought, just need to wrap and assess the stocking stuffers for the parents, see if there is more needed. I have also been gaming like a mad-woman, trying to get rep and gear up to snuff for raiding. Getting there... 

But I have figured out the most effective form of torture for my adorable dogs (not "real" torture of missing body parts or flayed skin, but emotional torture - like juniour high). Doggy clothes. Sweaters, to be exact. I bought the boys sweaters as part of their, er...  my... Christmas gifts and put them on last night. You thought I had torn out their little puppy hearts. At fist Sherman stood in one place, ears tucked back and shaking. Then when we left the room and there was no one to be pathetic for he walked, agonizingly slowly, into the room we were in. And there he continued to shake. Eventually he realized it wasn't coming off and then pouted to the point he layed down facing away from me and would not look in my direction. Well, except for those few times he'd glance in my direction to make sure I knew he was totally ignoring me. My dogs are half human, I swear. Walter was a little more accepting of it all. It only took him about 15 minutes to be close to normal but he was still subdued. 

My dogs! You haven't met my dogs yet. We have 2 boys, Sherman and Walter. Both Boston Terriers, both boys, both adorable in a spazzy/hyper way. We have had both since they were pups and they ARE spoiled. They have their own bedroom, with their own kennels and antique furniture to eat (sorry NGB's grandma for the damage to your secretary desk...). They get only the best kibble and treats. They go to a holistic vet (something I wish I could afford for myself. Not the vet, the holistic doctor. I Am human, you know).

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