Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve!

Happy end of 2008/start of 2009! What exciting plans does everyone have for the night? 

Here is where I confess one of my weirds (my first weird!). I don't like New Years Eve. It's overblown, expensive and rarely fun. People have expectations for an amazing party night that is rarely met.  I like small house parties, but with the stupid (possibly drunken) drivers on the road I don't like driving around. So me and NGB will have my parents over for dinner. Which is a nice excuse to make the ribs I have been craving for a few days. After dinner a wee bit of Wii,  then we'll kick out the parents and have a quiet rest of the night at home. Snuggle, watch the apple fall, play WoW. I think our plans make me old and boring. Yet I am strangely comfortable with that. 

On a totally unrelated note, I found a lipstick I have fallen in deep, deep like with. Cover Girl Outlast lipstain (number 420). It looks like I am not wearing lipstick at all! That they are just naturally this gorgeous, just-passionately-kissed colour. Which is fabulous, since I am one of those lucky women whose natural lip colour is a fleshy and faintly blue colour... about 2 shades lighter than my skin. Hot, I know... My only complaint is that it doesn't stain as much as I thought it would and it does kind of come off, over time. But for perfectly "natural" lips, I'll happily reapply! 

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