Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Well, the time is here to make resolutions. I have made some simple ones... lifestyle changes I want to see.
  1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  2. Floss regularly. 
  3. Blog regularly. 
  4. The requisite - lose weight. 
  5. Bring my lunch everyday/eat out less.
  6. Exercise/use my Wii Fit
All easy-ish. All actions. And in my geeky way, I have made a monthy table, with each resolution in a column. And I can put a check mark when I compelte it! Yes, I debated getting gold stars, but they would be too big and I want my elegant little table to fit on one page. And I am only just a little bit joking. 

Then there are the bigger things I want to see happen... what do I want 2009 to bring into my life? On January 10th my friend Viv and I are going to make a collage that will capture what I want 2009 to bring (yes, she got this from the cult-of-oprah book "The Secret" *shudder*). She has done one already and had pictures of a couple, travelling, exercise and yoga, meditation and spiritual development. And I will have... I dunno. There are things I want to see happen/get rolling but I think I am scared to put it writing/pictures. I think it comes from my irrational belief that it'll jinx it. The exact OPPOSITE of what The Secret suggests will happen. And, yes, this comes from totally subjective experience. But here goes!

I want me and NGB to get married/plan to get married in a concrete way (a date etc). I want to be physically healthy (thinner, better habits). I want to start the process of starting a family (or at least have an idea when we'll start trying). I want my very own little geek to raise! I want to travel. More than to PAX with some in-game friends. Which is a whooooooole other post! I want to find the balance and harmony between who I want to be/imagine myself to be and who I am. I want to celebrate my friendships more. Have people over for a poker/rockband night. Have dinner parties. Have a wine-tasting night with good friends... 

Hmm... there are some ideas. In writing. Ready to be jinxed. Or come true... eek!

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