Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PAX here we come!

So, it's been established that me and NGB play WoW (World of Warcraft). We are in a mildly progressive raiding guild and having fun with it all. We've seen content we never thought we would, we're wearing gear we never thought we would, we've made friends in game. What? Friends in game??! Yes, friends in the game. 

And in the beginning of September me, NGB and a group of folks we have NEVER met before (and only know the real names of a few of them) are all going to Seattle together for PAX. There will be me (aka Aithe) and NGB (aka Cune or Cuneiform). Karth (Jason), Valuu (Chris), Trin (Evan. I think). Maybe Derp, Algaroth and more. All coming together to hang out with other geeks and gamers. I feel like I am not QUITE enough of a gaming-geek to go, since I am brand new to PC gaming and only play the one game... but I am going to a geek convention to geek out. And party. And drink. With a group of guys. Only guys... no other girls  o.O

But if these stranger guys are too weird/annoying/immature I will have NGB to hang around with, seeing the Seattle sites. There is more than a space needle there, right? And if they are cool, well then I just made a whole group of new RL friends (not just in game). 

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