Monday, March 23, 2009

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

To start, the title? A fallacy. Research has shown that extended levels of high stress will have a deleterious effect on your health. We are not, biologically, built for the sustained daily stress we place ourselves under. Fight or flight just doesn't fit today's society. But DESPITE the evidence right now I am believeing the title is true. For my sanity.

I am an officer in guild. In a video game. And so, based on the fact I am the sucker who has agreed to step up and help out, it is ok to rip me apart, since it's what I am paid to do. 

What? You aren't paid? You put up with this shit for FREE? Damn... you are not smart.

We had minor guild drama last night over loot. So in vent, in game, in whispers, in person I had people talking, telling me what I should think/do/say/feel/believe, what I did wrong because it didn't end the way they liked, what I did right because it went the way they liked. 

This is a fabulous learning lesson for me. How to motivate people to do their best (when they aren't getting paid for it), how to praise them for their best (with no money attached), how to reprimand when they are not up to par (again... no money to take away). I am learning when to keep it light, when to be more serious. I am more confident about making a decision but will admit when I make a mistake also. This definitely will help me as I move higher in management in my real job. 

Although last night, as I stood in front of NGB with tears in my eyes, a beer in my hand and letting him know I was going outside for my hidden cigarette... I was not seeing the benefit of this at all. 

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