Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Monday. Bad.

Today is a bad day. 

I came to work to find my vacation request (for this Friday) refused so that I can't go to the mountains with the Fabs. Then I found out that my boss will likely un-approve my conference next week. Because it will cost him $160 more than he thought. 

I was sad, I was feeling beat down then kicked and emailed NGB to vent. But then NGB made my chest burst into 1 million happiness stars with this response in his email...

"Wow, two emotional kicks in one day! I am truly sorry, and understand why you feel sad about it all. Just know there is a safe and warm house to return home to, and that we will have a very nice dinner tonight. This too will pass, and we will navigate it together."

Damn, I have an amazing man in my life. 

All this comes in the time of great economic uncertainty, recessions, talk about hiring freezes at work, my secondment ending soon and NGB still hunting for work. But I know that the neo-geeks will come through ok and we'll do it together. 

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