Thursday, February 5, 2009

What are the chances?

This month I have been sick and on antibiotics. Round 1 could affect The Pill and so I didn't bother taking it this month. It's not like NGB and I wanted to come into contact with any other bodily fluids, the snot and phlegm were PLENTY. 

Rewind to last Friday, and I celebrated my re-found health with a bottle of wine. Well, one thing led to another thing... Twice. Heh. 

I thought "Aunt Flo" was coming that day. I thought that it was safe. BUT my friend didn't come. I mentioned to NGB that nothing ever materialized like I thought it would and he made the off-hand comment that maybe I was pregnant. I dismissed it, my period was being weird, with all the illness and medications. Then that little comment took root in my overly active brain and I started to wonder. Then worry... 

I confided in NGB that I was a bit freaked out about what he said. Turns out, he was joking and then started to freak out that I was freaking out... Which led to us talking about what if we have created a life. A PERSON. 

But instead of talking about the practical stuff, we jumped straight into the names. What should we name it? It's interesting, we spent most of the time talking about boy names. NGB's favorite was unusual. If someone, somewhere is reading this PLEASE let me know what you think about 


I go straight to Felix the Cat cartoon porn. Google it, second entry. 

But he likes old fashioned names. And nothing flora related (his last name is the name of a plant). How do you decide on the name of a human being for the rest of their lives? And the potential teasing and nicknames? 

However, our next male dog will be Felix. We get to use the name and my future child can be free of cartoon porn. It's a win, win situation. 

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