Thursday, February 19, 2009


When was the last time I typed anything other than the (almost) daily list? While it is a great reminder (to me) of the little things that I have been doing, it is not an entertaining read if you aren't me.

But one thing that does make me smile, that others can understand, is my love of words. I have been reading since I can remember and my parents still tell stories about me devouring 4-5 books a week. And I am one of THOSE people that must own the books I read, in case I ever want to read the book again. While I am not sure I have the skill to put words together in the most perfect form, I do appreciate the beauty of words. I love the sound of a great word when it rolls off your tongue. And I found a GREAT site with words. Just words... sometimes a definition. But mostly just a word. And often a really cool word! A new favorite is "kakistocracy". Say it aloud... feel it roll off the tongue. So much FUN! I must figure out how to slip this into a conversation. I work for government... shouldn't be hard. 

I saw an ex today. Although it's funny that he's an ex now, considering we never officially dated, we were just in each other's lives for many years. And many times we almost entered an official relationship, but if we did we knew it would be a serious one. And neither of us were brave enough to take that step (at the same time). He is now married and about to have his second child, so we can't see each other often. He was near my work and we slipped away for a coffee. I looked at him, into his bright blue eyes and there was a certainty... He was my almost could-be-forever-guy but I know that my NGB is my definitely-is-forever-guy. NGB is the man that knows me best and loves me despite his knowledge. That rocks. 

There is no segue for this, but walking from a meeting today I saw a man standing on the street corner with a sign. I assumed (I hate when I do that). I assumed it would be asking for money. Instead it said "Spare a smile?". I looked in his eyes and there was such sadness there. And I smiled a genuine smile for him, one that started deep inside. He looked at my with gratefulness and said thank you. Maybe that was one of his GiSTs... 

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