Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you know?

Do you know if your child is not... attractive? Every child is cute, but there is attractive cute and then there is a small human being cute. Madeline is perfectly, adorably, attractive cute (from Mat, Liz & Madeline). Others not as much.... No, I will never post a link to a less-than-attractive child. 

As a parent, do you know? Do you know that your child is not attractive or do the hormones and love take any of the objectiveness away? 

I can look at someone (human or pet) that I love and I can be objective. That I love them just the way they are but I know objectively, according to society's standards of attractiveness (often messed up, yes) are not being met. As a parent, though... And what if your child is not attractive? What if they are even ugly?

This is coming out so shallow. I would love my child for who they are and attractiveness does not matter. I just wonder... NGB and I have, in the past, talked about what if we had a child that wasn't "perfect". If there were health issues, developmental issues, or something as meaningless  as attractiveness I would not love the child less. 

But do you know? 

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